The Onion Files & The Crescent Onion

The Onion Files and The Crescent Onion are spy thrillers differing from previous novels in one very important aspect: author Val Pattee was one of the Western world’s leading spy masters. Serving as chief of intelligence for NATO in Europe during periods of Cold War-era terrorism, he worked with the heads of intelligence for sixteen member nations, and conferred with his Soviet and Red Chinese counterparts.

Although The Onion Files and The Crescent Onion are fiction, Pattee infuses the action with a realism of people and places only an insider could deliver. The titles refer to terrorist attacks, first to an ingenious and diabolical plot by al-Qaeda to devastate vast areas of the United States soon after the 9/11 attacks.

The Crescent Onion turns the terror master, Kazim, to a colleague seeking help against his own terrorists. Val introduces readers to protagonists Jim and Mark Buchan, who work with the US Central Intelligence Agency and Russian counter-terrorism units in fast-paced hunts across three continents to halt cyber terror.

onion_files_cov_1477957782_largeThe Onion Files and The Crescent Onion book covers